Why Valentine’s Day Should Be Celebrated

February 13, 2018

Valentine’s Day is a festival of love that is celebrated everywhere across the globe. It is a well-liked festival in the United States of America. People witness a holiday on this day to pay respect to St. Valentine and to express their love and gratitude to their loved ones such as spouse, parents, teachers etc. This festival has been commercialized as in it has turned out to be a more money... Read More

10 Appetizing Foods For Autumn Party

November 6, 2017

If you love to cook, then there’s a good chance that you also love to host parties. While it can be exciting and it’s definitely looking something forward to, it can be daunting to put together a menu that will appeal to everyone you have invited. Perhaps the most effective way to tackle this is by holding a cocktail evening and putting out a variety of snacks and appetizers allowing people to... Read More

Must Have Smart Home Gadgets

August 16, 2017

We live in a world of smart technology, so it is little wonder that more and more smart devices are hitting the market on a regular basis. The word ‘smart device’ used to be associated with just mobile phones in the past. However, these days there are many smart devices and gadgets that can be used around the home. Making your home into a ‘smart home’ enables you to make the most of thi... Read More

5 Must-Have Spring Care Beauty Products

May 22, 2017

Spring is starting to finally treat us and the increased sun exposure is a welcomed sight after the long and cold winter. Along with spring comes spring beauty routines that help you prepare your skin for the summer. So what are the essential beauty products you need to have in your repertoire this spring? Here are five products you should consider adding to your shopping basket today.
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Cute V-Day DIY Gift Ideas For Your Better Half

February 10, 2017

The time has come to start preparing for the most love-filed day of the year. Valentine’s Day is a big occasion with its romance and gifts to show your love and affection to the one you love the most. This year, say goodbye to the usual gifts and give a do-it-yourself gift instead. It’s a super romantic way of showing how much you love the other person and our selection of DIY Valentine gifts ... Read More