Support These 7 Military Non-Profit Accounts On Memorial Day 2022

May 17, 2022


 For more than a century, Americans have celebrated memorial day and honored the soldiers through various traditional ways. Some common ways are attending parades, visiting the battlefield with family and friends, and raising the flags near home to honor the brave soldiers who fought for our country and sacrificed their lives for the nation. But today's... Read More


7 Ways To Celebrate Easter In The Office

April 7, 2022

featured-image-treat-your-office-staff Easter is on the door, and it's the perfect time to discuss the Easter treats you will give in the office. You can think about giving gifts or even plan to surprise staff with a lunch party. However, decorating the office during Easter week also helps to bring Spring & Easter vibes around the workplace. We have listed the seven best ideas to celebrate your Easter week in the office. We are wri... Read More

6 Easy Ways to Transition Your Skincare Routine to Spring

March 10, 2022

featured-image-spring-skincare Everyone tried to save their skin from the cold weather of winter. But now it's Spring, and it is also essential to update your skincare routine in Spring and follow it. Why? Because during Spring, we spend most of the time outside, and our skin gets exposed to lots of harmful sun rays, chemicals, pollution, etc. When we go for work, travel to other places, or even go out for just a walk, outside ... Read More

Top 5 Things to Buy This Christmas Eve

December 8, 2021

Top 5 Things to Buy This Christmas Eve Shopping for Christmas is a task that is always done prepared. With the holiday season paving its way and the relaxation in covid lockdowns, it is officially time to check your Christmas list for the year. Shopping for your family, your partner, or kids can be a daunting prospect, especially when you are nearing Christmas time. Even if you have been exceptionally late with last-minute purchases, t... Read More

5 Things to Do in Quarantine for personal growth

July 20, 2020

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Quarantine guilt is something that’s troubling us all. Excessive lockdown periods with nothing productive to do is the dilemma so many of us are facing today. But, does it have to be this way? Certainly not. Who says you can’t be productive while staying home under lockdown? There are a myriad of ways you can keep yourself occupied and at the same time learn some life skills and b... Read More