5 Daily Hacks to Keep Your Home Tidy

January 21, 2017

House cleaning chores can be very stressful, especially when you have young children. You work continuously, the results are visible for a very short time, and then you start all over again until you will definitely get to the point where you will wonder if it is really worth the stress and effort.

On the other hand, there are psychological studies, which suggest that a clean home can keep you away from daily stress. I know it sounds odd since the process of cleaning can be tiring, but if you think about it, they are right.

The good news is that to keep the house clean does not require much effort. If you invest 10 minutes every day, you can have a house much cleaner than if you would spend an entire day once a week. You can clean faster, spend less energy and focus on other activities.


1. Plan!

Make a list of what you should do and include in the daily cleaning. An easy way to keep up with the housework is to write a list in which you include any housework that needs attention, any shopping you need to do, etc. With such a list, you avoid forgetting what you have done, and if you keep this list in sight, you may be more motivated to do what is mentioned in it. In addition, you will have a sense of accomplishment when you check all the chores you have done in a week.
Secondly, plan your family meals as well. Cooking can consume much of your time if you do not have what you need. It is best if you plan the meals for 5 days in advance, buy what you need and keep it simple and tasty.

Tip: Buy frozen fruits and vegetables. These are collected when they are fully matured, so freezing will not change their nutritional properties, but in turn will save you time, as you no longer have to buy them every day.

2. Prevent The Disorganization

The easiest thing in maintaining cleanliness is and will remain the prevention of disorder. For this, it is necessary to involve all the family members. Children should complete tasks based on their age: put the toys away, dust or vacuum the room, arrange their clothes in the wardrobe, empty the dishwasher, etc. Give detailed instructions to ensure that the younger members of the family understand what they do. Do not let little things become big, so if you see that something is not in the right place, fix or clean it, then and there!


3. Hang Up Clothing

Organize clean laundry – do not place it somewhere in a corner, crumpled. Keep your dirty clothes in the hamper and don’t throw them around on the bed or chair.

4. Do Not Keep What No Longer Serves You

Consider storing all documents and objects in a storage room, so you can keep order in the bedroom or living room. As for the objects you no longer need, donate or sell them. The basic idea is that you want minimize the risk of creating a crowded, closed and disorganized atmosphere. The less you have, the more open your room will look and the less cleaning you have to do.

5. Keep The Kitchen And The Bathroom Clean

Nothing is more stressful for a housewife than a dirty kitchen. However, there are some tricks you can try to feel comfortable in a clean kitchen. Clean the table immediately after you have finished cooking. The same goes for rest of the members: everyone should wash their plates or cups rather than leave them in the sink.

Place kitchen utensils in cabinets and arrange dust rags, sponges, disinfectants and other cleaning tools in a handy box away from food (preferably in a different cabinet or under the sink).

As for the bathroom, clean it constantly like the kitchen. Clean the sink and toilet bowl daily and if possible, wash floors or carpets with disinfectant. Also, each family member must follow this rule: shower or bath tub will be cleaned after use.

Include these habits into your day-to-day routines to avoid the increase of household work.