Accessories/Apps That are Not Worth Paying For

July 21, 2015

We do a lot of crazy things as we go about living our lives day to day. There is no doubt about it that we spend a lot of money on some things that are pretty crazy and makes others wonder how we could justify spending money on such an item. Perhaps there is nothing crazier that people spend money on than useless apps and clothing accessories; some of these people simply don’t need them and can’t possibly justify the expense. Here are a few examples.

Abacus Phone App
You know surfing the internet is a great way to find some bargains. Websites such as Cellular Country have some amazing deals on slightly used and refurbished cell phones. It’s a great site for those of us that can’t afford a brand new phone to find a high quality used phone at a great price. They have a great selection of smartphone’s that will run just about any app you can think of. One app you might want to stay away from is the abacus app. Yes that is right, an app that lets you do math just as if you were using this ancient counting device. Since every phone these days pretty much has a built in calculator that is much easier to use than this app, I just don’t see the practicality of even taking the time to download this silly app.

Expensive Under Garments
A $50 Pair of Compression Shorts
People admit that they love the products at the Under Armour store. They love such things as moisture wicking shirts for wearing when it’s hot and you want to stay dry and their golf pants are the most comfortable pants people have ever worn out on the course. But there is one item they just can’t see spending the money on and that is compression shorts. It is known they are supposed to help prevent injuries, but they are too tight for my liking and they are way too expensive for something that will not even be visible.

Compression Shorts

Super Expensive Lingerie
It’s really nice when your loved one tries to spice things up in the bedroom from time to time. A nice change of pace in the bedroom helps keep things lively and romantic after you have been in a relationship for a while. Some practical sexy lingerie and some things from AdamEveToys can make for a romantic evening that helps keep any relationship fresh no matter how long you have been together. One thing that does not make any sense to buy though is super expensive lingerie. Something simple will get your partners attention just as well; it does not have to cost hundreds of dollars to accomplish that. Besides how long is that lingerie going to be worn for anyway if you know what I mean?

Glow in the Dark Accessories
There are a lot of useless accessories that people spend money on for various needs. One that stands out as not being worth spending the money on has to do with clothing accessories, more specifically glow in the dark purses and belts. Unless you live in a place where there is frequent blackouts then you are probably not going to be able to see what they do anyway because glow in the dark things items special function can obviously only be seen when its dark. So there is really not much use in buying an accessory that can only be seen when you can’t see; you are getting the picture here I am sure. So the next time you are doing a little accessory shopping in your local Belk or Younkers store, make sure you don’t bother stopping at the glow in the dark accessory section if they have one.

Glow in the dark

The I am Rich App
This is just what every rich person needs on their phone, a mobile phone app that displays a big red ruby on your screen in an effort to show people that you are rich. First of all, if you are rich you will probably have better ways to show it such as driving BMW’s, wearing expensive suits and sporting the latest Tag Heuer diamond encrusted watch on your wrist. There is one way though that the app will prove you are rich; it cost a whopping $1000 to download. If you think that is crazy then what do you think about the six people that actually spent the $1000 and bought it? The guess is you think they are even crazier than the app.

People truly do spend a lot of money on useless apps and clothing accessories.