Swimming Accessories & Skin Care Products

November 19, 2015

If you want to go for a swim, one thing you will need is a swimsuit. Like many other things, technology has entered in this arena and you can find several improvements in swim wear. Today you can easily find swim wear whose colors does not fade even after repeated use in chlorinated pools. There are several other swimming accessories that can be useful when you go for swim. Some of the swimming accessories that you can consider buying are bathing caps, floatation devices and kickboards. You can purchase these swimming accessories and swim suits at water outfitters, AMICLubwear, swimsuitsforall, Miniinthebox and several other stores. The stores mentioned above offer attractive discounts.


Selecting Right Swimming Equipment, Accessories and Gear

If you are choosing swimming costumes, gear and accessories for the first time, you will need some help to choose the right ones that you need. Men can purchase swim trunks or swim briefs while women can purchase one piece swim suit. In most swimming pools, a swim cap is required. For women a swim cap becomes necessary, especially if they have long hair and want to avoid hair coming in front of their face while swimming.

Swimming Goggles – if you are serious about learning to swim, goggles are mandatory as they allow you to put your head into the water and prevent water from getting into your eyes. It also helps you in streamlined and relaxed swimming. Some of the nice-to-have swimming gear are swim fins, nose clip, water noodles, kickboard, and pull buoys. You can purchase all these items at discounted rates at Swim spot, RoseWE, MayCOOL and One Hanes Place. To get the discounts, just visit our site and get the discount code and start shopping.

Take Care of Your Skin While Going for Swim

If you have gone for swimming earlier then you must have noticed tanning as a major problem. No matter what your splashing plan is – a dive into a beach or cool pool? You have to apply sunscreen to prevent tanning and protect your skin from harmful UV radiation of the sun. You must know that the chlorinated water, salt water at the beach and UVA and UVB rays from the sun can tan your skin easily. Beside wet skin gets tanned easily. So next time you go for a swim don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion on your body.


You don’t have to look for waterproof sunscreen, but if the product mentions water resistant then it’s all good. Some of the sunscreen lotions you can consider are Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen lotion that is water resistant and suitable for all skin types. There are several other sunscreen lotions available at SkinStore, Beautifiedyou, 100% pure, and natural skin shop. You can buy sunscreen lotion at a discounted rate from these online stores.

If you are taking a dip in the pool, you need to be extra careful about your skin and hair and some pools don’t even check the pH level of the water once in a day. Chlorine can damage the upper layer of oil that prevents your skin from drying up. You need to use skin creams with Vitamin E and essential oils that work to restore smoothness of your skin.

If your skin is sensitive to chlorine, you can use chlorine neutralizing body lotion and apply it on your body in pre-swim shower. This will prevent your skin from getting dry after a dip in swimming pool.

Skin and Hair Care After Swimming

Once you leave the pool, the real beauty care regime starts. Make sure you apply a good body wash to get rid of chlorine on your skin. Aqueous cream is a neutral body wash alternative that works perfectly to get rid of chlorine on your skin. It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins. The next step in beauty care is preventing your skin from becoming dry.


As your skin loses essential oils due to harsh chemicals and salinity of water, you need to use a good moisturizer while your skin is damp. The advantage of using a moisturizer immediately is to ensure most of the cream will be absorbed by the skin and you can prevent the skin from becoming dry. If you don’t use a swim cap while taking a dip in the pool, then you should use clarifying shampoo that contains EDTA to get rid of all chemicals that may have got deposited on your scalp. You can buy all essential creams and lotions at Bigelow chemist and 100% pure stores online at discounted rates.

Swimming is a good exercise, but it can make your skin and hair look dull. You can avoid this by using the right skin care and hair care products.