Top 5 Must-Reads Of All Time

November 28, 2016

Do you know that there are around 150, 000 new books that are published in the US each year?

That is a hell lot of books!

But not all of them are a must read. Choosing a book to read is like choosing a spouse for the lifetime. Yes! It needs that dedication.

The dedicated readers always researched beforehand choosing a book to read. As time is precious, so why wasting it by reading something that generates no value in your life?

Here are the top 5 books that you must read at least once in your lifetime. I can bet each of them will make you rethink on the perspective of your life.

1: 2666 By Roberto Bolano:
Roberto Bolano completed this masterpiece in the year 2003 before his death. Embraced with beauty, negligence, depravity, horror and brilliance this novel is the finest and the most important fiction of this century.

Released in 2004 after the death of the writer this book tells you about the horrific story surrounding an evasive German author and the mysterious ongoing murders of several women in a violent city named Santa Teresa.


The theme of the book is inspired by the city Ciudad Juarez of Mexico and its horrific female homicides.

The novel also hosts the dwindling mixture of relationship turmoil, mental illness and academic world. Overall this novel is the greatest creation of Roberto Bolano before his death which was also adapted as various stage plays.

2: All About Love: New Visions By Bell Hooks
Published in 2000 this book by bell hooks as the title suggested includes all the aspects of love in our modern society.

Taking the help of personal anecdotes the author combines psychological and philosophical ideas to illustrate her points.

The book also suggested that the word ‘romantic love’ exists and the men in the American society have been socialized to lose faith in the power and value of true love where women fall in love deeply in any situation.

A clear understanding of the question ‘what is love’ has been illustrated with care by giving preference to both mind and heart by the author.

Overall the new vision by hooks can certainly change your perspective of love or give you the solution of the question you have always asked.

3: Desert Solitaire By Edward Abbey
Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness published in 1968 is an autobiography by the American author Edward Abbey.


Though after the publication this book was not largely accepted but eventually it became the iconic work of environmentalism and the writer gain his popularity as an environmental, political, philosophical writer.

It is the book of the author’s experience in the Colorado Plateau desert region of the Southwestern United States. It covers a varied description of the flora, fauna, human inhabitants, geology and the climate of the area which form a combination with the author’s explorations.

The book is a must read because of the well-illustrated relation between the physical, existential, social or human and the desert environment.

4: Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee
First published in the year 1999, ‘Disgrace’ won the Booker Prize. After 4 years of publication the author won the Nobel Prize in literature.
The story is based on a South African professor Lurie who eventually loses everything.

How losing his reputation, job, artistic success, peace of mind and also the ability to protect his daughter brings him disgrace is the main theme of the story.


His sexual activities ruin several lives and ultimately his disgrace comes when he seduced a student of his own Melanie Isaacs and ruined her life.
When the incident becomes eminent to the school he lost his job and slowly lost everything.

Undoubtedly just by focusing on a single character in the whole story the author successfully illustrated all the human nature and psychology that drive us every day.

5: Geek Love by Katherine Dunn
This extraordinary book by Katherine Dunn is purposefully designed to tell the story of a creepy circus freak family which will surely blow your head off.

But on the similar hand, it describes the story of belonging and identity of you in respect of your culture, religion, family and body.

The above mentioned best selling books are available from top retailers such as Alibris and Abebooks at discounted price.

We read books to know, learn and share knowledge. A book with poor background story is wastage of time, like the Mein Kampf by Hitler which is one of the most hated books ever.

Also, the number of books which are insanely loved and cherished by the readers is huge but those 5 books are the ones which you cannot or rather must not miss reading before you die.